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Faber-Castell Pack of 7 Pcs Home and Office Stationary Kit For Kids/ Adults


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Faber-Castell Pack of 7 Pcs Home and Office Stationary Kit For Kids/ Adults

Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine

Chief Editor

  • Khabriev Ramil Usmanovich - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, DSc in Medicine, DSc in Pharmaceutics, Professor.

Journal founders

  • FSBSI National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.А. Semashko
  • FSBSI Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Health Care of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


  • Since 1993.
  • Every 2 months, 6 issues per year

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Mission of the journal

- to develop the human potential of the Russian science, to combine the efforts of various categories of researchers, pedagogical and scientific intelligentsia, to create and support a single space for scientific communication in the fields of fundamental and applied science in medicine and healthcare, to create conditions for openness and accessibility of the latest scientific achievements to practical workers, students, teachers and everyone who is involved in the development of the Russian and foreign healthcare and medicine.

The journal is intended to familiarize the Russian and foreign scientific and scientific-pedagogical community, as well as doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates, practicing specialists and other interested people with new scientific results that are significant in various fields of fundamental and applied science.

The purpose of the journal is to popularize and disseminate relevant and advanced knowledge in the development of healthcare and medicine to a wide range of interested citizens.


The objectives of the journal:

  • improving the subject matter and content of the journal, ensuring the unity of the theory and practice of scientific research, the relevance and significance of the published information for the development of scientific and applied knowledge;
  • ensuring a positive image of the Journal and the Russian science in general, promoting an increase in the feedback from authors and readers;
  • ensuring the objectivity and the information content of the published materials, increasing the readership;
  • increasing the efficiency of the publication of scientific articles, as well as the electronic and printing quality of the published Journal.

The journal is registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) (certificate PI No. FS 77 - 77004 dated 11.10.2019).


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Current Issue

Vol 30, No 1 (2022)

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Titleist Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Newport Blade Putter Headcover
Girsh Y.V., Khabriev R.U., Kolomiychenko M.E., Gil'burd O.A., Mironova N.A.
The every patient, receiving palliative medical care, in case of pain syndrome requires specified medicinal therapy often with prescription of narcotic analgesics. The WHO developed the model lists of essential medications (differentiated for adults and children), including both drugs for treatment of the most symptoms in palliative care support and analgesics. The article presents the results of analysis of normative legal acts regulating medication support of citizens of the Russian Federation in case of palliative medical care applying both drugs treating main manifestations of diseases and arresting pain syndrome. It is established that all main aspects of activity are normative regulated (especially issues of population support with narcotic analgesics). No legal collisions revealed.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):5-9
The problems of implementing strategies of prevention in The Russian Federation: The new considerations of old truths (publications review)
Ivannikova E.V., Nikiforov S.A., Allenov A.M., Melkozerov K.V., Alekhin S.G., Kalashnikov V.Y., Lvova D.P., Terekhin S.A., Arestova A.A., Kononenko I.V., Smirnova O.M.
Over the last decades, with purpose of increasing efficiency of medical and preventive activities, the search, development, implementation and improvement of new methods and models of health care system functioning and management of medical organizations is carried out.Purpose of the study - to analyze mechanisms of implementing strategies of medical prevention in the Russian Federation.The publications on implementation of strategies of medical prevention in the Russian Federation were analyzed.The data analysis testifies that improvement of preventive activities at the level of ambulatory polyclinic care is initiated in many subjects of the Russian Federation. However, efficiency of these innovations remains relatively low.The conclusion is made that high morbidity and mortality of non-communicable diseases testify the most urgent need in optimizing prevention system.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):10-16
The cognitive status and aspects of life quality of the Russian researchers
Galstyan G.R., Vasiliev M.D., Makarova E.V., Sergeeva S.V., Yakushin M.A., Ignat'eva V.I., Stasevich N.Y., Aksent'eva M.V., Magometova A.M., Dedov I.I.
The publications analysis confirms necessity of studying both status of cognitive capacities of researchers and factors associated with cognitive aging.The purpose of the study. To assess cognitive functions and quality of life of researchers of state institutions.Materials and methods. The single-stage section of state institutions was applied to arrange sampling of 53 researchers (28 females and 25 males) aged from 22 to 73 years. The respondents filled questionnaires “Cognitive screening”, “Age is not a drawback”, “Depression Geriatric Scale”, “Russian validated version of QOL questionnaire SF-36”.Results. As in general population, among researchers certain decrease in quality of life with age was established. The respondents aged from 50 to 59 years demonstrated lower indices on scales of physical functioning (p = 0.04), body pain (p = 0.03) and role functioning due to physical condition (p = 0.006). At that, indices of vital activity and social functioning tended to improvement with age. The cognitive impairments were absent in 96.23% of researchers aged from 22 to 73 years and they were present in 1.89% of respondents. In 47.17% of respondents aged from 22 to 67 years, no senile asthenia syndrome was observed. The preasthenia was registered in 39.62% of respondents aged from 24 to 69 years. The syndrome of senile asthenia was established in 11.32% of respondents aged 25-73 years. The depression was absent in 83.02% of respondents aged from 22 to 69 years and it was probably present in 7.55% of respondents aged from 25 to 33 and 49 years.Conclusion. According to data of complex screening self-testing, it is established that current state of researchers is characterized by availability of complex of problems related to health disorders, decreased cognitive functions, development of premature aging syndrome and presence of significant number of risk factors of health disorders due to high frequency and combination of these factors. The relationship between cognitive functions and quality of life of researchers is established, in particular, according to scales “Physical functioning”, “General health”, “Vitality”, “Social functioning”, “Mental health”.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):17-23
The health capital and efficiency of regional health care systems: The conformances and contradictions
Kudelina O.V., Kaneva M.A.

The article explores relationship between health capital and efficiency indices of regional health systems. The correlation analysis of relationship between individual subjective assessments of health capital and objective indices of health care system functioning in the regions and the Federal Okrugs of the Russian Federation based on application of Minmax technology was carried out. The determination of level of health capital was implemented according to results of population survey and subsequent modeling. The effectiveness of regional health care systems was assessed using indices of healthy life expectancy, percentage of the disabled and per capita health care expenditures in the regions. It is established that 1/3 of subjects of the Russian Federation have high level of health care efficiency. However, the high level of health capital was noted in 12.5% of subjects, while in 40% of them its level was low. There are pronounced regional differences in the stock of health capital. The highest level of health capital was established in the subjects of the North Caucasian Federal Okrug that is conditioned by higher healthy life expectancy and higher efficiency of health care system at lower per capita costs. The statistically significant differences between subjective and objective factors affecting assessment of health capital are presented. The lower per capita health care costs and high percentage of the disabled have no significant impact on health capital of the population in the regions of Russia. The differences between health capital and regional health system performance indices are conditioned by subjective nature of health capital estimates that are determined by individuals within social groups and are characterized by persistent systematic differences between regions.

Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):24-32
The awareness and attitude of adolescents concerning healthy life-style
Kutyrina I.M., Filkina O.M., Kocherova O.Y., Rudenko T.E., Malyshkina A.I., Savel'eva S.A., Vorobyeva E.A., Shvetsov M.Y., Dolotova N.V., Shestakova M.V.
The authorship's questionnaire “Awareness of adolescents about healthy lifestyle” was applied to carry out sociological survey. The sampling consisted of 183 teenagers aged 15-17 years studying in secondary schools of Ivanovo. It is established that the majority of adolescents are aware of healthy lifestyle. However, for for healthy life-style they take low preventive medical activity, presence of harmful habits, violations of rules of healthy diet and daily regimen, safe life activities, long-term use of gadgets with preference for passive pastime. Only one-third of respondents maintain active lifestyle that denotes the necessity to include these issues in programs of improving competence of adolescents in healthy lifestyle. The revealed absence of conviction in necessity to maintain one's own health and physical conditions conditions necessity to expand information that “unhealthiness” always means restriction of in active lifestyle, sport activities, career choice, future procreation and social activities. The revealed difficulties of observing day regimen, proper diet, sufficient staying outdoor and duration of computer use testify not only higher academic load and poor orderliness, but also weak motivation to observe healthy lifestyle that must be considered in motivation development. The choice of sources informing adolescents about healthy lifestyle issues is to consider that for adolescents the most frequent information sources are the Internet and parents. Besides, it is important to increase role of medical personnel of polyclinics and schools in increasing knowledge of adolescents about healthy lifestyle.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):33-38
The physical activity of elderly persons and its effect on somatic and psychological health
Shamkhalova M.S., Tarasov V.A., Tsvetov S.V., Yarek-Martynova I.R., Borisov A.B., Trubitcyna N.P., Narvatov M.I., Shestakova M.V.
The purpose of the article is to study influence of various forms of physical activity on physical and psychological health of the elderly on the basis of content analysis of publications, secondary analysis of results of sociological studies of national and foreign researchers. The scientific novelty of studied question consists in critical comprehension of risk factors of development of somatic and mental diseases depending on degree of physical activity and also in elaboration of classification that included such macro- and micro-factors determining its dynamics as social cultural, social demographic, geographic, individual personal or motivational, promotional and managerial ones. The emphasis is made on necessity of additional research in this subject field to lay the foundation for making important management decisions concerning social protection and support of the elderly.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):39-44
The ways of developing management of organization and caring of women with diagnosis of habitual non-carrying of pregnancy
Grigoryan O.R., Gridnev O.V., Grishina N.K., Solovyova N.B., Vartanyan E.A.
In Russia, in conditions of reproductive crisis of modern family, miscarriage IS one of the important problems, in particular habitual miscarriage as significant risk factor of development of maternal and perinatal pathology. The timely identification and medical care support of pregnant women suffering from habitual miscarriage is essential in ensuring and maintaining their reproductive health. To obtain reliable and objective information by control boards on effectiveness of organization and provision of obstetric care to women with diagnosis of habitual miscarriage is an actual task. The purpose of the study is to develop information support of management of organization and provision of medical care of women with habitual miscarriage, based on identification and use of specific risk factors of development and prevention of this pathology.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):45-50
12x 3g Takaab Thai herb anti Cough pill Soothing Relieve Cough Chetty cough drop
Khurieva N.B.
In 1960s, the fundamental normative planning research of health care needs differentiated according age, medical care and its resource support depending on various profiles including “phthisiology” has been carried out regularly. After the budget insurance model of medical care was implemented, the attention to renewal of normative base decreased that resulted in significant regional disproportions between planned (normative) and factual volumes of medical care, including its application to children population on profile “phthisiology” in hospital conditions.The purpose of the study. To compare normative, factual and estimated rate of hospitalization to provide medical care of children population on profile “phthisiology” in hospitals of the subjects of The Russian Federation.Materials and methods. Such methods as analysis of statistical information, normative and analytic technique, method of ratios and proportions, correlation analysis were applied.The results. The data on number of patients with active tuberculosis were used to estimate need in mentioned medical care by 14 groups of patients that made up to 0.2 cases per 1000 children that is three times less than factual (0.6) and four times less than normative (0,8) indices. In the comparison groups, deficiency of factual vs. normative volumes of medical care increases as group morbidity increases. However, there are no signs of unmet needs in medical care. Thus, as bed occupancy rate is below approved level in all study groups. There is no correlation between bed occupancy rate and factual vs. normative admission rates ratio (Kendall's tau_b=0,178, р=0,101).Conclusion. The mismatch between factual and normative admission rates on profile “phthisiology” demonstrates both uneven provision of medical care in the subjects of The Russian Federation and overestimation of approved (normative) medical care that is four times higher than the estimated rate. To validate the obtained results special study of health care in question is needed with focused on primary data combined with expert assessment of validity of hospitalization.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):51-59
The nosologic structure and rate of hospitalization in third level ophthalmologic center
Kasimov E.M., Hajiyeva B.K.
The purpose of the study. To investigate nosologic structure and hospitalization rate in the National Center of Ophthalmology depending on accessibility of ophthalmologic care in the regions.Materials and methods. The data of hospitalization in the National Center of Ophthalmology in December 2019 was used (12 882 cases of in-patient treatment). The patients were allocated in groups according to living addresses considering degree of accessibility of primary and secondary ophthalmologic care (residents of Baku; cities of the Republican subordination (Ganja, Sumgayit, Mingachevir, Shirvan); district centers; rural settlements).Results. The predominant cause of hospitalization is associated with cataract (39.43%), percentage of remaining causes of hospitalization is less than 10%. Among the causes of hospitalization in all groups of settlements the first place is for cataract. But percentage of this pathology is relatively low among residents of Baku (37.00±0.69%) and cities of the Republican subordination (37.5 ±1.88%). The corresponding indices are significantly higher (p≤0.05) among residents of rural settlements (39.40±0.68%) and district centers (45.09±1.03%).Conclusion. In the nosologic structure of the causes of hospitalization in third level ophthalmologic center dominate cataract (39.43%), retinal detachment with ruptured retina (8.65%), eye and retinal injuries (6.22%). The nosologic structure of causes and rate of hospitalization in third level ophthalmologic center depends on accessibility of primary and secondary ophthalmologic medical care to population. The residents of Baku, where the tertiary ophthalmologic center is located, (223.23±3.20) are hospitalized up to 1.6 times more often as compared with residents of other regions (≤131.71±2.74). The residents of cities of the Republican subordination with developed ophthalmologic care of primary and secondary level are hospitalized less (84.0±3.26).
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):60-64
The legal regulation and organization of health protection and medical care of sailors of merchant marine ships
Lantseva V.Y., Migda N.S.
The current state of health care and medical support of seamen during their residence on board has a number of disadvantages. The sea vessel is not only a source of increased danger both for other ships and port infrastructure, but also an extremely traumatic area. The unification and harmonization of legal regulation of this segment of public relations becomes even more actual in current conditions. The organization of medical unit on ships of merchant fleet is regulated by a number of international treaties, whose provisions are considered and analyzed in the article. The study permitted to identify a number of disadvantages occurring when seamen seek medical care while on board. The health and medical care of seamen on board is not limited to treatment of the sick and the injured, but covers preventive measures with particular emphasis on development of health care and health education programs. In any shipping company, the important preventive aspect of ship medicine is struggle against drug and alcohol consumption among crew members. The directions of overcoming the considered problems are proposed. It is emphasized that their solution should be of systemic unified nature, since legal basis of organization of medical unit on ships is grounded on international conventions.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):65-71
The specificity of replenishment of ship's medicine chest on foreign-going vessels
Tonkonog V.V., Pogarskaya A.S., Golovan T.V., Konfino K.V., Arestova Y.A.
In the conditions of duration of passages of foreign-going vessels, the issue of procurement of medications needed by individual crew members within the framework of personal prescriptions issued on the territory of the Russian Federation, related to administration of therapeutic treatment. In conditions of coronavirus pandemic, this issue has become particularly acute, since it has become problematic to estimate the exact time of passages because of complicated regime of changing crews in foreign states.The analysis testifies absence of unified system permitting to implement information interaction in electronic mode to apply interaction between pharmacists, physicians, patients and insurance companies. Thus, the formulated recommendations will permit hereinafter international exchange of digital prescriptions without current difficulties that will simplify process of replenishing the ship's medicine chest with individual medications assigned to crew members. Moreover, the information about the need of selling medications of long-term use needed by particular crew member will be quickly displayed on the territory of country of sojourn.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):72-79
The physical development of children of school age (7-17 years) in the Kirghiz Republic
Mingazova E.N., Shavaliev R.F., Sadykova R.N.
The article presents the results of comparative analysis of indices of physical development of school-age children residing in various regions of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The statistically significant relationship between body length and body mass of examined children from territories of their residence was established. The children from Bishkek had significantly higher values as compared to children from villages of highlands and the south and the north of the country as well. The statistically significant dependence of body length and body mass of examined children on gender was revealed, explained by higher anthropometric indices in boys, as compared with girls in age categories of 7-8 years and 15-17 years. The multivariate variance analysis established that territorial factor statistically significant affected anthropometric indices in all studied age categories. At that, input of this factor into indices dispersion did not exceed 10%. The input of sex assignment to variance of body height and body mass in children under age of 14 years was insignificant. However, in the age of 15 years and older effect of this factor on anthropometric indices increased significantly, reaching its maximum by the age of 17 years and significantly predominating over influence of territorial factor.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):80-85
The comparative analysis of level of literacy in issues of health among residents of the Northern Caucasian Federal Okrug
Amlaev K.R., Dahkilgova K.T., Khripunova A.A., Blinkova L.N.
The article presents the results of comparative analysis of level of health literacy of population of the North Caucasian Federal Okrug of The Russian Federation. The analysis established that the level of functional health literacy of respondents depends on gender, education, standards of living and residence. The lower level of this type of health literacy is established in males, residents of rural areas, individuals with lower standard of living and lower level of education (p<0.05). The interactive level of health literacy is higher in females, urban residents and individuals with higher level of education (p<0.05). The respondents that assessed their level of life as being high demonstrated higher level of interactive health literacy (p<0,05). The number of respondents capable to be oriented in necessary planned medical examinations can be considered as a criterion of critical health literacy. The percentage of respondents oriented in this issue is higher in females, citizens and individuals with higher level of education and life (p<0.05).
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):86-90
The influence of social economic factors on level of morbidity of psoriasis among adult population of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Mukhamadeeva O.R., Gorbatkov S.A., Sharafutdinova N.H., Farkhieva S.A.
The purpose of the study. To assess the social economic factors of development of morbidity of psoriasis in adult population within a separate region as exemplified by the Republic of Bashkortostan.Materials and methods. The non-linear dynamic prognostic regression model with panel data was applied to establish role of social economic factors in development of morbidity of psoriasis in adult population. The model-based indicator is rate of total adult morbidity of psoriasis in 51 municipalities and 7 urban districts in 2014-2018. The factor space was generated by ten groups.The results. The regression coefficients (elasticity) were obtained for every group of social economic factors. With increasing of factor of harmful emissions into atmosphere by 100.0%, morbidity of psoriasis in all municipalities can increase on average by 7.0% (elasticity coefficient -0.07). With increasing of economic well-being and incomes of population by 1.0%, a decrease of morbidity of psoriasis by 1.55% is possible. With changing of number of workers employed in harmful production by 100.0%, morbidity of psoriasis in adult population decreases on average by 3.9% (elasticity coefficient -0.39). The specific number of unemployed population (the unemployed, pensioners) and factor of social psychological stress in society turned out to be insignificant. The elasticity factor of level of support of population with public health resources was 0.08. At theoretical opportunity of increasing health care resources up to 100.0%, morbidity of psoriasis in adult population of municipalities can increase on average by 8.0%.Conclusion. The overall morbidity of psoriasis in adult population of the Republic of Bashkortostan is positively affected by economic development of municipality and level of urbanization. The unfavorable environmental factors have impact negatively. The increasing of volume of health care resources (provision of population with medical personnel, number of beds of day-and-night and daytime stay, capacity of polyclinic institutions, etc.) may result in increasing of morbidity of psoriasis in municipalities as consequence of increased accessibility of medical care. The study results can be applied in planning health care within the framework of medical care support of patients with chronic dermatitis in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):91-96
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The trends of spreading of tuberculosis combined with HIV-infection among population the Siberian Federal Okrug
Gaidarov G.M., Apkhanova N.S., Alekseeva N.Y., Alekseevskaya T.I., Dushina E.V.
In The Russian Federation, the current epidemic situation of tuberculosis is characterized by stabilization and decreasing of morbidity with simultaneous increasing of number of cases of tuberculosis combined with HIV infection within the structure of newly diagnosed diseases and contingents of patients with tuberculosis. In the Siberian Federal Okrug, the indices of morbidity of tuberculosis combined with HIV infection exceed similar ones by almost twice that testifies significant input into burden of morbidity of tuberculosis in the subjects of the Siberian Federal District and their role in further dynamics of morbidity. The shift in morbidity of tuberculosis combined with HIV infection towards increasing of age both in patients with diagnosed HIV infection for the first time and in entire accumulated contingent of HIV patients. The positive dynamics of indices of efficiency of anti-tuberculosis measures in contingents of HIV-infected patients being registered testifies availability of reserves for improving medical care quality. The priority directions of developing program activities to achieve control over spreading of tuberculosis combined with HIV infection are early detection and increasing of commitment to dispensary observation of patients with HIV infection and decreasing infection of population with tuberculosis and increasing efficiency of treatment of patients with tuberculosis.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):97-101
The characteristics of medical demographic indices in the Jewish autonomous oblast
Dorofeev A.L., Stupak V.S., Liutsko V.V., Lemeshchenko O.V.
The research in the field of regional trends and risk factors related to population morbidity is considered as background of management decision-making in health care.The article presents the results of analysis of medical demographic indices and population health status in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in 2000-2019. It is established that in in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast population size reduced by 35 100 people to 2019. The negative migration dispositions facilitate losses of population size from 0.5% to 1.23% annually. The gradual increase of number of the elderly brought to ratio working/non-working people 100 to 128. The infant mortality rate decreased from 20.2 in 2000 to 9.2 per 1000 newborns in 2019 and continues to decrease. The total morbidity increase (diagnosed for the first time) of cardiovascular diseases and neoplasms is probably related to preventive measures efficiency. In the structure of malignant neoplasms leading positions are taken by tumors of bronchopulmonary system, skin affections and breast cancer. In the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, mortality of cardiovascular diseases comprised 807.32±22.87 per 100 000 of population. In the last decade, this most important indicator decreased up to 2.12%. The mortality of malignant neoplasms made up to 217.31±15.25 per 100 000 of population. The mortality due to consolidated causes “Traumas, poisonings and some other consequences of external causes exposure” made up to 16.19±3.28 per 100 000 of population. In 2019, the average life interval made up to 68.8 years, having increased by 6.2 years since 2000. The evaluation of medical demographic indices and population health status demonstrate necessity of adjusting medical organizational measures targeting to improve medical care of population considering regional characteristics.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):102-106
The rehabilitation, health path, mechanotherapy in recuperation of functional reserves of organism
Grashchenkova A.N., Puzin S.N., Bogova O.T., Achkasov E.E., Chandirli S.A., Ivanova L.V.
The article presents historical essays concerning each method of rehabilitation, period of its revision depending on time and pathological etiology of each disease, application of rehabilitation (health path, mechanotherapy), different modes of choosing each method of rehabilitation. The term “rehabilitation” became widespread after adoption of the Federal Law No. 181 of November 24, 1995 “On social protection of disabled people in the Russian Federation”. This is the set of measures targeted to recuperation of functional reserves of organism, improving quality of life, maintaining working capacity of patient, one's integration into society, reducing incapacitating states impact to support people with impaired functions to adapt to new conditions of life in society. The rehabilitation and habilitation are processes targeting to ensure that the disabled could be able to achieve and maintain optimal levels of physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and/or social functioning. The rehabilitation covers wide range of activities, including rehabilitative medical care, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, logopedics and ergotherapy and supportive services too. The disabled are to have access to both general medical services and appropriate rehabilitation services.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):107-111
The inequity and social disintegration of the disabled: the foreign publications review
Yuzhanin M.A., Mirzaeva E.R.
The international research studies demonstrate stable relationship between disability status and multiple social economic factors conditioning inequity and disintegration of this category of citizen. The purpose of the study is to review foreign research publications concerning issues of inequity, stigmatization and social disintegration of the disabled with limited health possibilities. The conclusion is made that perception of disability is an important construction impacting not only well-being of people with limited possibilities but also social economic stability of society. The negative attitude to disability deprives forces people with limited possibilities and results in their social isolation and disintegration at labor market. On the contrary, healthy society encourages positive attitude to people with limited possibilities and facilitates their social integration.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):112-115
The modern approaches to rating of medical organizations on the basis of strategy of sustainable development of health care institution
Bravve Y.I., Shchepin V.O., Tolstova K.S., Latukha O.A.
The article analyzes modern approaches to medical organizations rating based on national and foreign literature, The groups of indices that are responsible for effectiveness of medical organizations from point of view of consumers of medical services and health care administration are established.According analyzed publications, rating values consider effectiveness of single processes rather than organization in whole. This served as a basis for scientific search of evaluation system that can reflect performance of medical organization contributing to its sustainable development. In 2012-2018, the Novosibirsk State Medical University carried out a study of potential of sustainable development of health care organizations. On the basis of legal analysis, sociological and expert research of opinions of administrators the key directions of activity contributing to improving efficiency of medical organizations functioning were identified.The article presents original approach to comparative assessment of health care organizations providing different types of medical care to population based on concept of sustainable development using the T. L. Saati hierarchy analysis methodology.The strategy of sustainable development supposes achievement of long-term goals of medical organizations, including not only indices of patient satisfaction with quality of medical care and organization of safe environment for their stay in health care facility, but also optimization of all processes, rational resource support, monitoring and analysis of internal environment of organization for continuous activity improvement, staff training, implementation of organizational innovations, etc.It is established that medical organizations implementing strategy of sustainable development demonstrated the best results in resource management, increasing of consumer satisfaction with quality and safety of medical care, optimization of processes to increase the number of treated patients, etc. Thus, health care institutions with clear-cut plan of actions and set of management practices to achieve long-term goals acquire ability to improve medical social indices and, as a result, population health indices.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):116-122
The development of diagnosis coding model by means of implementing automated system of coding support: The results of functional and cost analysis
Berseneva E.A., Mikhaylov D.Y.
Actually, in many medical organizations there is an inexpedient structure of labor costs of medical workers, in many respects associated with large time spent on making up medical documentation. The very important aspect is proper formulation of clinical diagnosis and its coding according to the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th revision that in most cases is performed in tradition mode (so called manual coding). The article presents results of functional and cost analysis of application of automated system of coding support in various departments of the Medical Sanitary Unit of of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at the Moscow Oblast. The study established significant difference in time spent and cost of coding process before and after implementation of automated system. The automated coding of diagnosis permits to reduce six-fold time and cost of coding process, as well as up to 12.6% reduce number of coding errors. The results of functional and cost analysis serve as an objective justification of economic expediency of implementing automated system of diagnosis coding support in multidisciplinary hospital.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):123-128
The electronic technologies of modern marketing in health care and medicine: The foreign publications review
Plutnitsky A.N., Karimov B.N., Sidorenkov F.V., Averchenko R.R.
In conditions of reformation of health care system, just marketing permits health care to penetrate modern economical mechanism of development of economics. In conditions of market relationships, profound investigation of need in medical care instead of waiting for visits of patient for medical care becomes a new standard for for medical organization. The purpose of the study is to examine technologies of modern marketing in forein health care. The study applied various techniques of searching for foreign publications in such international databases as Scopus, Web of Science, MedLine, The Cochrane Library, EMBASE, Global Health, CyberLeninka, RSCI, eLIBRARY.RU. The search for viable patient flows requires communication skills allowing health care and medical institutions to engage, inform and attract current and potential customers. Ultimately, this gives large number of patients and share of institutional market. There are many ways to reach desired audience, in particular, direct marketing that permits to effectively deliver messages from health care institutions directly to desired audience, due to high measurable performance, ability to transmit significant volumes of information. At the same time, direct marketing, because of its direct interaction property, can violate confidentiality of receivers. There are also problems of database management.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):129-133
The specialized medical care of children with rare diseases
Komarov I.A., Sokolov A.A., Aleksandrova O.Y., Zinchenko R.A., Kutsev S.I.
The article presents the results of analysis of specialized medical care of children with life threatening and chronic progressive rare (orphan) diseases resulting in life span shortening or disability. The possibility of medication support of children with rare diseases. The development of patient routing system considering characteristics of particular disease and possibilities of the subjects of the Russian Federation is one of most important directions of enhancement of needed medical care support.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):134-137
The development of first medical care support to victims of road traffic accidents: The publications review
Baranov A.V., Mordovsky E.A., Baranova I.A.
The medical and demographic losses because of road traffic accidents continue to be significant in most of economically developed and developing countries. The national strategies of reducing medical and demographic losses include two groups of measures, depending on object of exposure: (1) targeted to decreasing risk of road traffic accidents and (2) targeted to timely and adequate medical care support of victims. Beyond this classification are activities targeted to developing and improving in participants of road traffic skills of first self-care and mutual assistance. The availability of mentioned skills is important for saving lives and preventing permanent disability of victims of road traffic accidents.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):138-142
About attitude of graduates of medical specialties to job placement in primary health care and post-graduate training
Zhernakova N.I., Lebedev T.Y., Moskalev A.A.
In order to study attitude of graduates of medical specialties to employment in primary health care system and to postgraduate medical education, anonymous survey was carried out on sampling of 188 graduates of medical institute of the Belgorod State National Research University in 2020-2021. The analysis established that married students more often than single ones seek permanent job with guaranteed salary and social protection. The advanced graduates easier get their future specialty than weak and satisfactory ones. The graduates-foreign citizens and stateless ones consider themselves under-prepared for medical practice as compared with graduates-residents of city and oblast. The youths more often than girls meet future employers. the weak graduates meet the employers less often than advanced graduates. The satisfactory graduates, as compared with weak and advanced graduates, more often have close relatives among medical workers. By the time they graduate, youths more often than girls get experience of practical medical activity. The advanced graduates also more frequently get practical medical experience than weak and satisfactory graduates.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):143-147
The typology of social predictors as a research tool of studying personnel crisis in Russian health care: The publications review
Krom I.L., Erugina M.V., Eremina M.G., Kovalev E.P., Bochkareva G.N., Grigoreva E.A., Dolgova E.M., Vlasova M.V.
In conditions of societal transformations, social institutions undergo significant alterations that are manifested by institutional inconsistency and dysfunctionality. The transformation of social professional structure of health care system resulted in change of status and trends of social mobility of social professional groups.The purpose of the study is to typologize social predictors of professional activity of physicians in health care of the Russian Federation. The social economic transformation and reforms of the National health care system of recent decades initiated trends of deprofessionalization in medicine, status inflation and marginalization of professional groups. The phenomenon of professional marginalization of physicians is discussed from perspective of the “concept of status inconsistency” by G. Lensky. In aurhoring typology low income of physicians, financial deprivation, reducing of prestige and relative status inflation of medical profession, professional stress, social frustrations and professional burnout are considered as social predictors of professional activity of physicians.The destructive consequences of status inflation are considered as social threat to preservation of manpower potential of health care of the Russian Federation.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):148-152
The labor motivation in professional groups of medical organization
Timofeev D.A., Tsvigailo M.A., Eremina M.G., Kovalev Y.P., Bochkareva G.N., Grigoryeva E.A., Shigaev N.N.
The motivation of work is based on personnel needs. The directivity of organization management to meeting needs of employees of any professional group is capable to increase their labor motivation and job satisfaction creating at that favorable working environment.The purpose of the study is to determine value of motivational factors-needs for employees of professional groups of medical organization and to justify application of obtained motivational complexes of factors-requirements for increasing labor motivation of personnel.The continuous anonymous survey of 603 employees of six departmental medical organizations was carried out. The respondents were distributed in such professional groups as Administration (42); Experts (97); Nurses (257); Other professionals (86) and Paramedical staff (121). The group Specialists included subgroups Surgical (13) and Therapeutic (84 people) profiles. The group Other specialists included subgroups with higher (51 people) and secondary education (40 people). The factors-needs determining work motivation were estimated by P. Martin and S. Ritchie “Motivational profile Test”. The statistical data processing was carried out using “Statistica-10” software. The criteria of Kruskal-Wallis, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Kendall τ-criterion were applied.The motivational value of factors-needs in employees of professional groups of medical organization, including characteristics of estimates of needs respondents with different work experience considering their gender and marital status is defined.The hierarchical structure of factors-needs according to degree of their motivational value in employees of each professional group can be represented in form of group motivational complex. The indices of motivational value of factors-needs of complex correspond to specific expectations of employees of professional groups.The derived motivational factors-needs complexes can be applied in determining directions of management activities targeted to increasing of work motivation of personnel, creating favorable social and psychological work environment and establishing social responsibility of organization in terms of personnel.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):153-159
The Russian pharmaceutical branch in 1990s. Report 1. From the Soviet to the market
Zatravkin S.N., Vishlenkova E.A., Ignatiev V.G.
The article opens series of publications devoted to the history of occurrence of pharmaceutical market in Russia. The specifics of medication supply system in the Soviet period, circumstances of its deconstruction in early 1990s and modes of overcoming medication scarcity in 1993-1994 are considered. The authors compared publicly available digital data of 1990s documenting state of pharmaceutical branch, with testimonies of pharmaceutical market participants, their speculations on its state and conceptions about its normativity. This kind of methodological approach permitted to discover latent incentives and hidden obstacles in the history of Russian Pharma and to discern asymmetries of infrastructural development.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):160-166
The contribution of medical community into elaboration of theoretical problems of health care in the sixties of XIX century
Egorysheva I.V., Chalova V.V.
The article considers activity of medical societies in 1860s related to theoretical development of problems of organization of Zemstvo medicine, sanitary statistics, medical topographical studies, preventive course of public medicine. It is demonstrated that results of these activities hereinafter were widely applied in the course of health care reforms of the second half of XIX century.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):167-171
HONDA 2001-2004 TRX500 Rubicon Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit FRONT JAPAN
Sherstneva E.V.
In the article, for the first time are introduced into scientific circulation declassified materials of the Russian State Archive of Economics that confirm the fact that in 1948 professor E. Chain of Oxford University provided the Soviet Union with technical documentation and producers for production of penicillin and streptomycin. The archival documents reveal the circumstances of conclusion of contract with E. Chain, its conditions, indicate causes of the problems with payment for his service and demonstrate the reaction of E. Chain himself and the representatives of the departments involved, allowing us to speculate about motives of their actions.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):172-177
The review of the book D. Sambuk “Wächter der gesundheit: staat und lokale gesellschaften beim aufbau des medizinalwesens im Russischen Reich, 1762-1831”
Gatina Z.S.
The review analyzes the reconstruction by Daria Sambuk of the development of system of medicine administration in Russia and the role in this process of social groups . The monograph is an interdisciplinary study on junction of social history of medicine and new imperial history. This review is focused on problematic comprehension of the subject of monograph. In addition to that, the questions are formulated for further discussion.
Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 2022;30(1):178-180

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