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ByJeff VogelDec 4, 2020

Hi. I’m Jeff. I write humor sometimes, when I am not writing video games. I put that humor here. I wrote a lot of humor about babies. It was made into a book, on archaic paper technology. We plan to…


ByspidwebJan 13, 2021

THEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING EXAM 1 Professor Vogel. 5 Questions, 60 Minutes. You may use a calculator, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, and the Book of Mormon. The speed of light is c. Show all work. For all problems, assume a…

The Lord of the Rings: A Brief, Correct Analysis

ByspidwebDec 14, 2020

If you saw the Lord of the Rings movies, like me, and you thought it kicked total ass, you are a right-thinking person. Not the Hobbit trilogy, which was overlong, exhausting, and terrible, but the proper movies. However, if you…

Helpful, Non-Threatening Quiz: Am I a Serial Killer?

ByJeff VogelDec 3, 2020

As anyone who has been paying attention knows, the most important single element holding American culture together is serial killers. Those crafty fellows are everywhere, with their wily ways, their suave manner, and their masks made of skin. There are…

Indicator Lens Front L/H Amber for 1988 Kawasaki GPZ 500 S (EX500A2)

ByspidwebOct 6, 2020

Four years ago, my first child was born, so I started these journals. Four days ago, my second child was born, so I’m pretty much stopping. I think that everything anyone can possibly reasonably say about the experience of creating…

The Story About the Toddler, Volume 32.

ByspidwebOct 6, 2020

Our daughter Cordelia is four now, and I’m just about through with writing about her. She just had her birthday party. It was a regular kid party, with her friends and cake and the parents of her friends sitting around…